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Partner Families - Sulai family

Bogdanovski FamilyThere is time to smile now at the Sulai family home, since a home improvement loan enabled the family to finish the ceilings and floors of the house, as well as the kitchen.

- Inside the house there was damp. In winter, my children were sick because of that. We didn't have a floor we walked on the sand ground. The windows were deteriorating, and there was no insulation on the ceiling. With this loan our home finally became decent place to live. Now my children are not going to have bronchitis and be in poor health so often – remembers Tajedin Sulai, who used his loan from Habitat to put in proper floors and ceilings, as well as to finish his kitchen in the home he and his brothers share, along with their wives and children. Their home is very crowded but happy place. They live 17 people inside, six of them children, in a five-room house - with a whole family sleeping in the kitchen.

Tajedin Sulai a maintenance worker at a local school who, together with his brothers, did most of the work on their home with Habitat loan of 3.400 Euro, but used professionals for plumbing and electricity when needed.

Without such loans many here in Macedonia would be unable to make repairs to their homes, as banks offer unfavourable loans that prevent many in this impoverished south-eastern European nation from borrowing much-needed money.