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Partnerships for energy efficiency

New memorandum for continuation of the cooperation
with the municipality of Centar


Andrej Zernovski, the Mayor of the Municipality Centar and Zoran Kostov, the Executive Director of Habitat Macedonia

Habitat Macedonia and the municipality of Centar in Skopje will continue the successful cooperation after the new Mayor Andrej Zernovski confirmed that the municipality will maintain its financial support for new thermal insulation façade installment to the existing collective apartment buildings, for the purpose of reducing the consumption of heating energy. According to the already established model, the homeowners of the selected buildings will be offered non-profit loan by Habitat Macedonia aimed at replacement of external doors and windows, along with legal and logistical support necessary for reaching the agreement which is set e precondition for any intervention on the façade, by the Housing Law considered common space of the apartment building. For the purpose of verification of the cooperation Zoran Kostov, the Executive Director of Habitat Macedonia and Andrej Zernovski, the Mayor of the Municipality Centar signed new MoU.

In this occasion the Mayor Zernovski stressed out that this project does not foresee any change in the appearance of the apartment buildings and announced that the buildings that didn’t qualify during the previous rounds will be taken into consideration during the future phases of the project. Eleven facades of apartment buildings were already renovated in cooperation with Habitat Macedonia during the past year.

The homeowner associations of 32 apartment buildings responded to the ongoing call for financial support by the local government, agreeing to the criteria at least 70% of the apartments to replace the energy inefficient external doors and windows. There are 15 apartment buildings planned for renovation during the next phase, for which the municipality allocated 11 million MKD. It is estimated that the energy consumption and the respective energy bills for heating will decrease for about 30%.