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HFHI Growth Strategy

Habitat Macedonia’s new business plan 2016-2018 agreed


After being identified by Habitat for Humanity International as having a program that is potentially sustainable at scale that can be made replicable and provide significant value to other national organizations, HFHI invited Habitat Macedonia to join a small global cohort of 10 Growth Pilot Countries for the purposes of developing and testing models that would support the Global Growth Strategy. Consequently, Habitat Macedonia turned its focus on developing national level strategy and business plan, an effort that resulted in Growth Strategy Agreement, effective as of July 1, 2015.

In short, Habitat Macedonia’s Business plan 2016-2018 envisioned further diversification of the products and services developed for a variety of underserved segments of population, as well as the channels of delivery that would include licensing by governmental regulatory agencies. Such an approach involves more complex business model, with two new legal entities created as subsidiaries of Habitat Macedonia NGO. This way, HFH program in Macedonia will be delivered by four related legal entities, two existing and two newly established, to a range of customer segments.

The business model developed for the purpose includes three Program Lines of Business that are following the logic of the HFHI Strategic plan 2014-2018, through aligning the PLOBs with the Community, Sector and Society goals.

  • PLOB 1: Community Development, by continuation of the delivery of existing community level products and services with their quality upgrade, with the following components/projects:
    • New Builds, managed by Habitat Macedonia NGO, reflecting HFH traditional approach and maintaining high level visibility of the program;
    • Retail Lending, portfolio owned and managed by HFH Macedonia NGO that is to be administered by HFC, sustaining the delivery of financial services to the most vulnerable segments of the population;
    • Housing Support Services, delivered by Habitat Macedonia NGO, providing wide range of low-cost services of particular importance to the underserved segments of population.

  • PLOB 2: Housing Market Development, by developing a set of new products, services and delivery channels towards condominiums/collective apartment buildings, with the continuation of the existing housing microfinance partnerships, all together consisting of the following components/projects:
    • Microfinance Partnerships (MFP), delivered by Habitat Macedonia NGO and HFH Macedonia LLC in partnership with two MFIs, being the flagship housing microfinance program of the organization since 2005;
    • Residential Buildings Management, as newly developed, licensed non-financial service delivered by RBM company/LLC, entirely concentrated on improving the management of condominiums/collective apartment buildings in Macedonia;
    • Housing Finance, delivered by HF company/LLC as newly established delivery channel that will enter the housing finance market and will particularly focus on homeowner associations and energy efficiency upgrades of condominiums/collective apartment buildings in Macedonia.

  • PLOB 3: Housing and Social Development, by mobilizing volunteers, CSOs and other relevant stakeholders around the cause of affordable housing, with the following components/projects:
    • Register of Apartment Buildings and Apartments, research activity conducted by Habitat Macedonia NGO that should result in critically important databank turned into tool for the local governments/municipalities, as well as homeowners, at the same time being supportive to Habitat Macedonia’s housing market development activities;
    • Poverty Housing Alleviation Platform, awareness raising activity coordinated by Habitat Macedonia NGO, in coalition with 15 CSOs and 10 supportive media;
    • Volunteer Mobilization, organized by Habitat Macedonia NGO, promoting the culture of volunteerism and solidarity as HFH traditional values.

To achieve these goals and implement the respective program lines of business, during the next three years Habitat Macedonia is determined to transform in the following ways:

  • HFH program in Macedonia will be delivered by four related legal entities, two existing and two newly established, to a range of customer segments;
  • The new entities will maintain or develop products and services that will complement each other;
  • The organization will turn its focus on housing market development, the activity which is planned to cause an impact on an entirely new consumers segment;
  • Financial sustainability of Habitat Macedonia will be provided by its revolving funds;
  • Diversification of the revenue streams will be reinforced, so to ensure program sustainability;
  • The new model will be thus streamlined, synergic and compact.