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New Builds Program

Habitat for Humanity Macedonia and partner families sign contracts to become part of the New Builds program.

The contracts pave the way for the partner families to move into their new homes in Veles.

Yesterday, April 28th, Habitat for Humanity Macedonia and its partner families signed the contracts with which the families became a part of the New Builds program in Veles . The Governing Board of HFHM, the vice-president of the ECA office, Don Haszczyn, US Ambassador Phillip T. Reeker and his wife Solveig, a team of volunteers from the US, as well as Veles Mayor Goran Petrov, attended the event. 

After the event, the partner families, the volunteer team, and the US Ambassador and his wife worked on the building, continuing the tradition of volunteering, which is an inseparable aspect of the Habitat model when building safe, decent, and affordable homes.

Currently, 4 buildings are in the final stages of construction at the Build Site in Veles. The buildings will house 24 families in apartments ranging from 50 to 75 m2. The partner families helped in the construction of the apartments along with over 500 volunteers from the US, Canada, Europe, and Macedonia. The construction of the building is supported by individuals, associations, and companies from North American, Europe, and Macedonia.

Habitat for Humanity Macedonia is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing, safe, decent, and affordable housing for those living in housing poverty, regardless of their sex, ethnicity or religious affiliation. Through its programs Habitat for Humanity Macedonia has served over 1300 families in the country in the last five years.