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Micro loans

Home improvement fund

HFH Macedonia


Credit line for reconstruction and renovation of the substandard homes in Macedonia

HFH - Macedonia and Moznosti initiated partnership through Innovative program in Macedonia. The Program should establish credit line that will provide small loans for reconstruction and renovation of the substandard homes. The credit line will be a disbursement tool of the Home Improvement Fund, established through joint contribution of HFH - Macedonia and Moznosti. The Program will provide non-financial services as well, in a form of advice and training for the credit beneficiaries.

Our target group


The Home Improvement Credit Line provides loans for those economically weak but still working and active, living in improper conditions. Although the needs of the poorest and homeless are the most recognizable, our target group is persons and families that demonstrate capability for economic activeness and can guarantee repayment of the loan from their personal income, thus contributing to the possibility for disbursing loans to others in need. Those looking for renovation and reconstruction of their homes should limit their expectations on small spatial enlargement of their homes, clean water and sanitation connection, and electricity and heating installation. Roofs and basement walls repairing, so to protect the house from pouring and seepage of rain, snow and moisture should be acceptable as well.

Our target areas

House in Veles

The Home Improvement Fund should focus on all rural, suburban and urban areas in Macedonia, with exception of the urban area of Skopje. This concentration on the areas outside Skopje will provide enhancement of the investments in the countryside will reduce the migration and will offer better value of the invested funds, due to the lower costs.

General criteria of the Fund

  • The applicants are required to have regular monthly income or to be selfemployed;
  • The overall income of the families applying should not exceed the amount of two average monthly salaries (roughly 24,000 MKD);
  • The effective interest rate of the loans is set at 0.5% per month;
  • The loan range is between 120,000 and 250,000 MKD;
  • The monthly repayments are calculated based on the total household income; up to 1/3 of the monthly income, but not less than 1,800 MKD;
  • The maximum repayment period is 60 months.